Talking About Self Help Programs

Talking About Self Help Programs

Quitting Drinking? Here's How To Ensure Success With Sobriety

Carole Reid

Now that you've decided to quit drinking and embark on a life of sobriety, you can expect to experience a variety of benefits such as improved sleep, better health, increased self-respect, and even a better sense of inner calm. But don't think that you have to get sober alone – don't be afraid to take advantage of the tools, resources, and support that's available to you. Here are three things you can do to do help ensure your success with sobriety:

Participate in Rehab

One of the most effective ways to make sure that your journey toward sobriety is successful is to check into an inpatient alcohol treatment center. Inpatient rehab offers structure that will keep you from thinking about alcohol as you learn to live without it. Living in a rehab facility will give you an opportunity to get away from all outside influences, learn new positive habits you can use in your daily life at home, and get the support you need to overcome any cravings you have during the first days after you quit drinking. You may be able to gain ongoing access to therapy and group support meetings after leaving rehab too.

Keep a Daily Journal

You can maintain your commitment to stay sober, and even gain motivation when you need it, by keeping a daily journal starting the day you quit drinking. Spend a little time each evening recording notable thoughts and feelings of the day, the medication you've taken, if any, the tasks you have completed and the goals you've reached, as well as new goals that you have decided to set for yourself. By documenting your thoughts and progress, you'll be able to look back on the information at a later date and see where you went wrong and where you succeeded. Reflecting on information in your journal may help you make future decisions and plans as time goes on.

Consider Volunteering

Helping others through volunteer work is supportive of a sober lifestyle because it can reduce your anxiety levels, increase your self-esteem, and even enhance your overall purpose in life. Whether it's talking to high school kids about the dangers of alcohol, facilitating support meetings within your community, or volunteering abroad where people need help getting sober, you will walk away from the experience feeling great about yourself, and you'll likely have renewed inspiration to stay sober and make the most out of life's opportunities.

The methods and techniques outlined here should help you to better be able to stay on the right path and enjoy living a happy, sober life.  


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