Talking About Self Help Programs

Talking About Self Help Programs

4 Technologically Advanced Methods For Dealing With Substance Abuse Recovery

Carole Reid

Comprehensive addiction recovery starts with knowing your clients and coming up with new ways to battle impulses and dissuading bad habits. While there are tried and tested approaches that many substance abuse recovery experts depend on to aid addicts in recovery, technology is now playing a major hand in treatment programs around the globe. If you are in search of technology-based methods that will help both you and the substance abusers in recovery that you treat, take note of these four approaches.

1. Online Communications and Monitoring - As you likely already use email to coordinate efforts with other substance abuse recovery counselors and behavioral health experts, expanding your use of online communications should be simple. Some addiction-recovery EMR software options allow members of the addiction recovery community to communicate in a more integrated manner, via online collaborative work environments, forums, and instant messaging. These tools can also help when you want to monitor what your patients in recovery are doing as well as how they are progressing.

2. Digital Record Keeping - In order to aid your patients' recovery efforts, a full medical history has to be obtained. At the same time, you have to keep confidential medical and patient records safe, even as they are accessed by other addiction recovery specialists across different clinics and facility locations. Digital record keeping has to be secure yet easily accessible by those with the proper credentials, and this can be accomplished by using customized software, restricted access spreadsheets, and cloud-based technologies.

3. Recovery Analysis Software - You may easily be able to recall what a specific client's goals are as far as recovery is concerned, but accurately measuring various benchmarks can be hard, especially when you service many people. Setting goals is a big part of the recovery process, and you have to push your clients to challenge themselves without downplaying what they have done so far. Using addiction-recovery EMR programs allows you to set individualized goals, track progress, and become aware of new challenges as they become apparent.

4. Social Media Initiatives - Having an up-to-date website can help potential clients learn about the services offered at your facility, but social media is actually a much more interactive interface that makes people feel more connected. From providing educational resources on substance abuse to celebrating milestones and congratulating clients on their successful recoveries, social networking is another technologically advanced medium that should not be ignored by any addiction recovery expert.


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